UPDATED: Open Letter to Tina Barnard, CEO of WCHT

UPDATE: 19:55 hrs, Wednesday 6th September

We received a reply from Tina Barnard, WCHT in the post this morning, which is reproduced here.



Whilst we accept that the Trust do mention assistance with transport, we feel that it could have been much  clearer. We are also concerned that potentially a lot of money could be spent on cabs to get people to/from the Meriden when it may be more cost effective and certainly more environmentally friendly to lay on a dedicated bus service. Steve Moss, Chair of the MRA, responded as follows:



Whilst the deadline for acceptance of proxy votes to be lodged with the Trust passed at 5.00pm today, we are still committed to raising awareness of the AGM and ensuring as many of the residents as possible are aware of it and the importance of taking part. If you need any background information, please see our previous postings. If you only vote once this year, please make it the AGM.

It’s about where we live.



Transport to and from the Trust for the AGM



This has been hand delivered to the WCHT today. The MRA are concerned that the Trust seem to be able to provide free shuttle buses from Asda/Sainsbury’s for the 10th anniversary event, yet have not considered the slightly more important matter of their tenants being able to vote at the AGM on the 11th. The last bus into town from the Meriden leaves at 5.35pm and the last one back leaves Clarendon Road 6.42pm, which is far too early for anyone intending to go to the AGM and fully participate. For reference, the 2016 AGM went on past 9.00pm.

Why is the attending the AGM so important?


The Trust are trying to change and ultimately limit the way in which they are governed – at the moment the power lies with the tenants, if the proposed rule changes go through on the 11th, that power will be severely limited and we feel will eventually be withdrawn in its entirety. If you want to stop this, you need to be a member of the Trust and either attend on the 11th or give your proxy vote to someone who can. Proxy votes need to lodged with the Trust by 6th September. The MRA have arranged a collection point in Abbey View, you can drop your completed forms off between 5.30 & 7.00 pm today or tomorrow between 5.00 & 6.00 pm. We’ll deliver them to the Trust on Wednesday.



MRA – It’s about where we live.


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