An easy way to help the Meriden Residents Association (MRA) raise funds for forthcoming coach trips for Meriden Residents

By purchasing a Co-op membership card (£1), you can help the Meriden Residents Association (MRA) raise funds for forthcoming coach trips and community events, just by nominating us as your chosen local cause.  All monies raised will go towards funding trips for Meriden Residents

What does this mean?

This means every time as a Co-op member you purchase selected own-branded products and services, 1% of what you spend goes to help fund community projects (5% goes to you)

About the project

All monies raised will go towards funding forthcoming coach trips for Meriden Residents, which will provide an opportunity to bring families together in an environment of fun, enjoyment, and a chance to interact with other families both on and off the coach.

How much funding will  the MRA receive?

How much we receive will depend on people nominating the MRA as their chosen cause and using their membership card every time they shop.

How often will the MRA receive funding?

The MRA will be paid a share of the funding every 6 months. 

What if I am already a member?

As a member you can call 0800 023 4708 to confirm which cause you are nominating, you will need to give them your membership number which is found on your Co-op membership card.  Once you have done this, your card will automatically update the total every time you use it.

What if I am not a member?

You can become a member by purchasing a membership card which is a one-off payment of £1 in any Co-op shop or by going online at

How will I know how much has been raised so far?

You can follow how much has been raised, and how much you have contributed by clicking on this link

If you are not already a Co-op member, please would you consider joining and help support us by nominating the MRA as your local cause.

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