Have Your Say On How To Plan Watford’s Future

Watford is facing some difficult decisions about the future, which is why it’s important you tell Watford Borough Council what you think at  watfordlocalplan.co.uk  

Since Friday 7th September, Watford residents have been able to get involved by completing a survey.  The deadline to complete the survey is Friday 19th October 2018.

The government has said Watford  must provide 770 new homes every year up until 2036, with the population expected to increase by 110,811 in 2036 (15% rise from 2018).  Whilst saying no to growth is not an option, the council wants to work with residents and businesses to decide how best to manage it and shape the town for the future.

The new Local Plan will set out a vision for Watford up to 2036.  It will replace documents called the Watford Local Plan Part 1 – Core Strategy (2013) and the Watford District Plan 2000.

What will the new Local Plan include?
The new Local Plan will contain policies to guide planning decisions and new development.  It will set out how many jobs are needed in the borough and where housing can go.

Why is a Local Plan important?
The government requires all councils to have a Local Plan in place and these should be updated every five years.  It is important for Watford to have an up to date Local Plan to help ensure that new development will come forward in a way the meets the needs of the growing community in the future.

What happens if the Local Plan is not up to date?
If Watford Borough Council does not have an up to date Local Plan in place there is a risk that planning decisions will not be made by the council but by the government.  If this takes place there will be less understanding of the local community and what is most appropriate to meet their needs and aspirations.

How long will the new Local Plan take to prepare?
The Local Plan will take about two years to complete.  This consultation is the first stage and sets out what Watford Borough Council believe are the key issues and choices.

There are 30 questions in this consultation.  Some of these are split into sections to ask about different aspects of an issue. The question responses you provide will help inform the new Local Plan.

Once this first stage of the consultation has been completed, the results will be analysed and a Draft Local Plan, which will include draft policies intended to deal with future applications for development will be put together.  Towards the end of 2019, a consultation on the Draft Local Plan itself will be held, asking for your views on the proposals suggested.

Some difficult decisions need to be made about the future of our town.  That is why it is important you get involved at this crucial stage at watfordlocalplan.co.uk

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