Meriden Policing

A Policing Update from PC Mo Huzair

Anti Social Behaviour Survey

We had three returns on the original ASB survey which was posted and then hand-delivered to each premise on the parade of shops.  The information contained within gave a history of ASB, but sporadic and with little pattern.  Assessing the new information against the existing reports of ASB and offending there, resulted with an assessment which resulted in no need for an uptake in extra patrolling and resourcing.

The Shop Parade

Following the initial meeting, a week of extra resourcing was provided with a guaranteed hour of patrol for 7 days, I conducted an additional plainclothes patrol with another officer to observe the anecdotal reports of drug dealing and ASB during the peak times.  However, I personally observed no actual drug dealing.  I did observe groups of persons and youths gathering but actually committing no offences.

As previously explained, the simple process of youths gathering is provided for as a Right to freedom of association under the human rights act.

ASB notices were issued to a number of people who had been involved in previous offences, and some have been dealt with in conjunction with housing associations with some severity.

The shops were asked to report all incidents for a year.  As a result, we have had no more than usual reports from the shops, but the co-op has repeatedly reported shopliftings, which has resulted in 12 extra prosecutions since the meeting, and significant intelligence being gathered.

We have had some reports of ASB since that previous meeting, but about the same as other estates, so no extra resourcing is justified.

Over the summer holidays, I have added the location to our specific ASB patrols and will be patrolled every night over this period.  So far, this averages to three visits a night by officers, doing drive by or active patrols.

Drug Use

We have had an increase in reports of drug use in the park by the Community Centre, however, the majority appears to be the use of those small silver nitrous oxide canisters.  Annoyingly there is no criminal offence of possession or use of these in small amounts.  Extra patrols and plainclothes officers have attended but no offenders have yet been identified.  Operations are ongoing.

Domestic Incidents

The majority of violent crimes on the estate remain domestic incidents.

Work is ongoing through the courts, and offender services to reduce these.

I will be conducting a poster and information campaign in key locations on the estate to try to advise victims of their rights.

Overall Crime rate

The overall crime rate still remains around the national average and comparative to other estates of similar make up.  No specific current trends that I am aware of.


I have been away for about 6 weeks due to leave and training out of the area, and the estate was covered by the other officer on my team, but now I am back.

I have been required to take up the Tudor estate additionally for the foreseeable future.  So now my time is currently spent divided between the following (in no particular order):

  1. Crime investigation (both estates and Watford wide)
  2. Responding to 999 calls.
  3. Project work and crime reduction programmes.
  4. Patrol the Meriden.
  5. Patrol the Tudor.

So previously the Meriden patrols were receiving a third of my time, now reduced slightly in order to incorporate my additional duties.

PC Mo Huzair

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