Affinity Water Consultation: Notes from the Session

Following last night’s consultation at the Trust offices in connection with the Affinity Water metering situation, Please see some important information.

There were a lot of questions about how the metering in the high rise blocks on the Meriden would be carried out – it would appear there is more work for the Trust to do in this regard as when asked, Greg Whelan, Financial Controller for the WCHT said he was uncertain how this could be achieved. He undertook to contact Affinity to discuss it further and revert, but also advised us that he was going on annual leave and may not be able to get back to us for a week or so.

However, after looking at the Affinity website it appears that if the Trust do decide to stop being the middleman and all residents have to sort their own bills out, those residents living in flats, particularly the high-rise blocks, still will not have access to the low income fixed tariff, which is one of the Trust’s selling points for handing control back to Affinity.

If this does turn out to be the case, all residents who reside in Abbey View and Munden View and possibly the low rise blocks as well, must make sure our voices are heard in this consultation process since it would seem very unfair for everyone else to benefit financially if the high rise and low rise tenants are unable to.

Karen Bell

Resident of Abbey View and MRA Committee Member