Affinity Water Consultation – Drop-In Session

An invitation to attend this event was shared on Facebook – it’s not being organised or run by the MRA so please direct all enquiries to the Trust, however we do think it’s important enough to publicise as it will have an impact on us all!

Wednesday 26th July 6:30-8:30 PM

Watford Community Housing Trust Offices, Clarendon Road, Watford.

As you may be aware Watford Community Housing Trust was formed in 2007 via a transfer of stock from Watford Borough Council. As part of this transfer the Trust also inherited a collection arrangement for water charges between the Council and Affinity Water. In this arrangement Affinity Water charged the Council for water and sewerage for properties it owned, and this charge was then passed onto residents and paid alongside their rent account.

The Trust has recently reviewed this arrangement for a number of reasons which we have listed below:

• Value for money – The Trust want to be confident that our residents are receiving the best deal possible for water & sewerage

• Choice and clarity of service – We want residents to be able to contact the most appropriate party in order to discuss their service

• Smart Meters – We have been informed that these are being rolled out into areas where we have homes in the next two years and all customers will need to have a new meter installed

Many of our residents have already opted out of the payment arrangement with the Trust and chosen to deal with Affinity directly. We do not believe that our remaining residents are currently getting the best service and deal possible including social tariffs which are available for those on lower incomes.

We are therefore undertaking a consultation with our residents and Affinity Water to explore the option of transferring all existing accounts from the Trust’s management to a direct arrangement with Affinity Water.

Please let us know if you have any questions and would like to attend.