Virtual Quiz


There is a quiz being hosted weekly, every Thursday at the same time on Zoom with the following link. and everyone is welcome to join them.

Their meeting link is a repeated event, so the link they have will be the same every week. It also means it’s easy to share if there’s anyone you would like to invite to take part.

Their meeting will be open from 7.30pm. The host asks that you please sign in by 7.45pm so team allocation can be done by the time the quiz is due to start at 8pm.

You can just click on the link on the night, there’s no need to reserve a space. If you have a family team then they ask that when you sign into Zoom for the quiz, you change your screen name to include your team name in brackets eg. ‘McGoverns (the winning team)’

Teams should be no larger than 8 people. If you haven’t got a team together, and want to just turn up on the night or want to be with a variety of people throughout the weeks, then just sign in as yourself with no team name and they will randomly assign you a team.

The quiz will be competitive and will be scored. They will do this by asking that one of your team collates your answers, and at various points throughout the quiz they will be asked to privately send them through the chat function on Zoom. An explanation will be given on the night for those who are unsure how to do this.