The Waterdale ReUse Centre


The Waterdale ReUse Centre will reopen over the holiday season on Saturday 29th December – Monday 31st December from 10am – 6pm.  At the Waterdale Household Waste Recycling Centre.

The ReUse Centre is an easy place to donate unwanted household items or pick up an amazing bargain.

By donating or buying items for reuse you can;

  • Stop them going to landfill
  • Save the energy needed to recycle them
  • Reduce the natural resources used to create new products.


The income from the centre is used to offset the cost of their household waste recycling centres, including the development of reuse centres.

Whether it’s furniture, toys, sports equipment, pet cages or a mirror, the ReUse Centre is packed full of unwanted treasures waiting for a new home.  When you donate or buy;

  • Please make sure the items you donate are clean, rip-free and complete with no missing parts.
  • Only the items in the reuse centre are for sale.  Please don’t remove items from containers at our household waste recycling centre.
  • Some items may need repair, so check them before you buy.


The ReUse Centre has the same opening hours as the Household Waste Recycling Centre.  This site is closed Thursday and Fridays every week and next week it will also be closed New Year’s Day.