Supporting children with Down Syndrome in Education


DS Achieve is pleased to offer a two-day training event (Monday January 14th and Monday March 18th – 10am) for both professionals and parents/carers.  The courses are being held at the Stanborough Centre, 609 Saint Albans Road,Watford.

The course is for professionals working with children with Down Syndrome aged 4-16 years in both mainstream and special schools. Parents/carers will find the content useful in supporting their child at home and when working alongside school staff. The training will be delivered by Helen Long, SENCO and Specialist Advisory Teacher for children with Down Syndrome.

The course content assumes that delegates will have some prior knowledge and experience of working with children with Down Syndrome.  Refresher pre-reading will be supplied.

Day 1; Monday 14th January 10am —2:30pm (registration from 9:45am)
 Refresher on the specific learning profile
 Teaching reading and writing
 Accessing the curriculum


Day 2; Monday 18th March 10am—2:30pm (registration from 9:45am)
Teaching mathematical skills
Supporting positive social and learning behaviours


It is expected that delegates will attend both days and they will be able to ask for help and advice arising from implementing the learning from Day 1 during Day 2.